Vice President of Engineering   |   UK/EU   |   5th August 2019

Stefano Fornari joins Jobrapido as VP Engineering

Renaissance is pleased to announce that Stefano Fornari has joined the Jobrapido leadership team as their new Vice President of Engineering.

In his role, Fornari leads the technology team at the Milan-based headquarters of the company engaged in job recruiting with over 85 million registered users in 58 countries.

Originally from La Spezia in Italy, he holds a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Pavia and began his career as a developer for a document management start-up. He then moved to ATG (Art Technology Group), an Internet technology company specialising in Ecommerce software, later acquired by Oracle, where he was responsible for developing Ecommerce platforms for customers throughout Europe.

In 2002, back in Italy, he co-founded Funambol, a start-up active in white label personal cloud solutions. In Funambol, Stefano served as chief technology officer and vice president of engineering, coordinating and managing the development and support center for customers with offices in Italy and Europe.

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