VP Global Sales & Revenue   |   US   |   20th November 2020

Soul Machines appoints Barry Adams as VP Global Sales & Revenue


Renaissance is delighted to announce the appointment of Barry Adams as VP of Global Sales at San Francisco headquartered Soul Machines. Soul Machines is the world leader in humanizing AI to create astonishing Digital People.

Since launching in 2016, Soul Machines has enabled organizations including Sony, Mercedes-Benz, AWS and Google to rapidly scale customer brand experience. Salesforce Ventures and Horizons Ventures participated in Soul Machine’s $40M Series B funding in 2020, bringing the total amount raised to $47.5M.

Barry is an innovative sales leader with a record of success starting in large pedigree companies before transitioning into smaller, more nimble start up organizations. Throughout 20+ years of sales leadership, Barry has managed teams across US and LATAM. He brings the ability to think strategically to create strong GTM functions within transformational companies such as Carbon Black.

For more information, please visit www.soulmachines.com


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