Chief Revenue Officer   |   UK/EU   |   20th July 2021

Quside announce the appointment of Steve Takhar as CRO


Quside, founded in 2017 and headquartered in Barcelona, is a quantum startup commercializing quantum technologies for next generation encryption and computation.

Quside designs, engineers and commercializes quantum technologies for safer connectivity and advanced computation. A spin-off of ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences - in Barcelona, Quside is commercializing innovative hardware solutions for all connected devices.

After several years of intense R&D effort in quantum technologies at ICFO, the team took the industrialization path and constituted Quside in 2017. In the following couple of years, Quside were busy building their core, and at the beginning of 2020, the effort paid off and Quside launched their first commercial product, the ‘Quside FMC 400’. It is the first release of Quside’s randomness generation product line based on their proprietary phase-diffusion quantum random number generation technology.

Whilst focusing on advancing and customizing technology for their partners, Quside also engaged actively to welcome and enhance collaboration from the wider quantum community. Among other achievements, Quside were selected to join EU quantum flagship projects CIVIQ and QRANGE, national programs CLAVE and QU-SPIN, and have been founding members of the Quantum Industry Consortium (QuIC), a European industry effort to strengthen the European quantum industry.

After an extensive search led by Renaissance Leadership, Steve Takhar has joined as Chief Revenue Officer. Steve will lead Quside’s sales and marketing efforts to scale Quside’s go-to-market strategy worldwide. Steve joins Quside having previously been the Head of Global Sales for Cambridge Quantum Computing, following a lengthy career in enterprise sales leadership roles for the likes of Dell-EMC as well as VCE (former JV of EMC, Cisco, VMWare and Intel).

Steve Takhar – CRO-Quside. “Quantum is truly a paradigm shift in technology as we know it. Its effects on wider society will eventually be all encompassing, particularly in the field of cyber-security. Allied with the threat of ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ a reality today; Quside is uniquely positioned to help organisations combat this looming threat. It gives me great pleasure in joining Quside and helping them on their journey to becoming a trusted advisor and thought leader in the field of quantum and quantum derived cyber security. Quside’s solutions will allow its customers and partners to address the quantum cyber security threat with renewed confidence”.

Carlos Abellan, CEO and Co-Founder of Quside commented “It is an absolute pleasure to welcome Steve to the Quside team after a great collaboration with Renaissance. Having invested intensively in our technology and product core, Steve will now help us accelerate on the adoption of our products at a larger scale, allowing our customers to market quantum-enhanced cybersecurity products and services that ultimately result in a stronger security and privacy base for any person, company and organization.”

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