VP Marketing   |   US   |   1st March 2020

Accelo appoints Michael Moore as VP Marketing


Renaissance is excited to announce Michael Moore has joined San Francisco headquartered Accelo as VP of Marketing.

Launched in 2011, Accelo allows companies to spend more time working by automating and streamlining work into one, integrated system. Michael brings a pedigree background of digital marketing from Symantec, Dell and HSBC before moving into a leadership position at the startup Mindbody.

Michael developed demand generation, site conversion, and account-based marketing strategies to increase sales pipeline and expand reach into strategic and gold accounts at Marqeta. By analyzing the persona needs, interests and information intake, Michael optimized inbound channels leading to MQLs increasing by 232% year on year and a 15% increase in closed deals.

For more information, please visit www.accelo.com 


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