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Matt C’de Baca

Managing Director

Maybe because of my upbringing – the oldest son of working-class Hispanic parents, I grew up on the banks of the Rio Grande River between the Franklin Mountains and the Sierra de Juarez – living between two culturally diverse and interconnected cities, El Paso and Ciudad Juarez, I learned at a very early age the importance of people; more specifically the critical and essential part people play in advancing ideas, designing systems, building products/services, creating markets and unlocking opportunities as a driver for prosperity. The magic is in connecting and collaborating around shared dreams.

Through hard work and lifelong learning, then and only then might you succeed, no guarantees; if you want it you have to work at it and work for it.

Renaissance Leadership is the name of our business, however, when we partner with capital investors and work alongside portfolio company leadership teams we walk in our client’s shoes and advance their mission and vision into the market.

WE over ME – so much of the executive recruiting industry is transactional and individually driven by a sole proprietor, which is a model that is fundamentally broken. In order to build healthy and vibrate companies early stage growth teams need experts in leadership design with an approach that is creative, collaborative, design-based, and development focused.

You can’t lead what you haven’t experienced – we are a band of successful entrepreneurs working for successful entrepreneurs and first-time entrepreneurs on their way toward success.

We put ourselves through deep development work so that we can take leaders to the very edge of performance. As a collection of lifelong learners, we have committed ourselves to unlock, harnessing, and hacking high-performance leadership methodologies. We are ourselves leadership Petri dishes who practice what we preach – it is our dream to deliver you to your dream.


To talk to Matt please call on +1 650-618-9800

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