General Manager US and VP for North America   |   US   |   1st June 2022

Two senior hires for Ecologi


Ecologi, a company planting trees and funding the world’s best climate crisis solutions, make two senior hires.

Ecologi is a platform for Climate Action, helping individuals, families and businesses become Climate Positive by removing their carbon footprint through funding quality climate solutions and growing their own virtual forests. Through individual/consumer subscriptions and self-service business subscriptions, Ecologi aim to achieve climate positive individuals and families and a climate positive workforce. Beyond this, Ecologi’s marketplace works to fund climate solutions though UI, invoice, API & eCommerce integrations.

From a standing start in mid-2019, in less than 28 months Ecologi have become the market leader, planting over 20 million trees and mitigating 650,000 tonnes of CO2e. They completed a Series A+ round of venture funding from 10X Capital and will be using this funding to grow their team, accelerate sales, launch new complementary products and increase their presence in the United States and EU.

Derick Mauk joined Ecologi as Vice President of North America. Derick previously spent 8 years at Anheuser-Busch inBev, where he was Senior Vice President at Drinkworks by Keurig (an AB inBev x Keurig Joint Venture). In this role, he led Enterprise Strategy and Innovation, and eCommerce Roadmap as Chief Product Owner. He also served as General Manager of Drinkworks Global, co-leading the Board of Directors and Investor Relations. In 2022 he founded Gravity Turn LLC, a selective strategy, innovation and growth consultancy, whose partners include Fortune 500 companies. Derick has joined the organisation to encourage US businesses to make significant positive contributions to counter the climate crisis and empower Ecologi to become the world’s biggest ‘Green’ brand within 5 years.

Justin Jarman has joined as General Manager of United States to lead the new US team and set the strategy for US growth alongside the leadership team and founders. He previously held the role of CRO at Harvest Exchange ¬– a community of asset managers, advisors and institutional investors. Prior to this, he was Director of Sales and Marketing for Biomason, a biotech company that harnesses nature to grow cement from bacteria. He brings a wealth of experience in revenue operations, sales, business development, GTM, Triple Bottom Line, ESG and more to Ecologi to empower the development of their US business.

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