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Qrypt and Renaissance are pleased to announce two key hires

Qrypt and Renaissance are pleased to announce two key hires - Derek Tumulak has joined Qrypt as Chief Product Officer and Brad Rouse as Chief Revenue Officer

Qrypt founded in 2019 and headquartered in New York, is a next generation post quantum encryption solution that is the future of encryption for the enterprise. The advent of quantum computers will render modern public-key encryption data security obsolete, as cybercriminals adopt the ‘harvest now, decrypt later’ data exploitation technique, this causes immediate risk to all global companies. As an impending regulation for all companies to be quantum resilient comes into action in the near future and with a market with not fully commercially viable competitors, Qrypt is in a position to prosper greatly.

As part of this ambition the company has made two stellar acquisitions:




Derek Tumulak

Chief Product Officer

Firstly the appointment of Derek Tumulak as Chief Product Officer. Derek joins to drive overall product activities and support the scaling of Qrypt’s go-to-market strategy. Derek brings over 20 years’ experience to the role, having held similar positions at high-growth and well established cyber security organisations such as Thales, Vormetric, SafeNet, and Ingrian. Derek has a passion for building innovative products and earlier in his career worked as a software engineer at Netscape and Microsoft.

Commenting on his appointment, Derek said “Qrypt’s potential to make a significant impact in cyber security and the amazing people here are what excited me about the opportunity. The core vision and technology is well positioned for the accelerated digital transformation we are seeing all around us. I’m delighted to join Qrypt and to support the team in making the world safer and more secure.”

Kevin Chalker, Founder and CEO of Qrypt Inc. commented “A true product evangelist, Derek is equally comfortable rolling up his sleeves in an engineering meeting as he is explaining Qrypt’s product evolution for post-quantum solutions to high-level executives. Over the past couple of decades, Derek has gained tremendous experience working in the information security industry from Silicon Valley to the East Coast and internationally. His entrepreneurial passion is contagious and his deep technical understanding of what and how to solve not just post-quantum requirements, but also the immediate threats we face today, make him the ideal person to define Qrypt’s product pipeline and go-to-market strategy over the coming years. We are grateful to have Derek Tumulak join Qrypt as our CPO and look forward to working with him throughout this journey.”




Brad Rouse

Chief Revenue Officer

Secondly, Brad Rouse has joined as Chief Revenue Officer. Brad will oversee sales and marketing efforts to scale Qrypt’s go-to-market strategy worldwide. He has over 30 years’ experience growing and managing large teams, having held senior positions at cyber security organisations such as Entrust, Gemalto, Ping Identity and IBM. Brad has a proven track record of building high performing teams of bright, curious, engaging salespeople while delivering a world class experience for the customer.

“Qrypt’s strong leadership, talented people, and visionary technology in the quantum space are what excited me most about the opportunity” said Rouse. “The safety and security of the world’s on-going digital transformation is essential and I’m proud to be bringing these highly advanced capabilities to the market today to help secure the future of organizations around the globe.”

Kevin Chalker commented “From his educational background as an engineer, to his foundational decade-long experience at IBM, Brad has grown throughout his career to lead global sales in multinational corporations. His unique insights on growing and scaling comes from his pairing of experiences in both fast-paced startups, as well as managing long-term enterprise sales cycles in larger companies. For Qrypt, Brad brings with him a measured and thoughtful strategy on how to attack the market. Always the champion of ‘the buyer’s journey,’ Brad is intent on fine tuning Qrypt’s approach to the market and solving clients’ needs. We are grateful to have Brad Rouse join Qrypt as our CRO and look forward to working with him throughout this journey.”

Commenting on these placements, Kevin Chalker, Founder & CEO, Qrypt, Inc. stated “Sebastian contributed far more to the strategy behind our executive search process than I expected. He served more as a partner, mentor and shepherd throughout the journey and asked all the tough questions which challenged us to realize what and who we needed to level up our leadership team. His deep understanding of the technology industry allowed him to immediately grasp the concept of what we are building, helped him quickly identify candidates and, ultimately, led to not just one, but two, C-suite additions to our company. We now have a third position under consideration as we continue to rely upon Renaissance during our growth phase.”

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