CRO   |   UK/EU   |   20th January 2018

Profinda appoint Rob Hill as CRO

We are delighted that Rob Hill has agreed to join ProFinda as their Chief Revenue Officer.  Rob has spent over 20 years in the Human Capital Management space and his arrival coincides perfectly with the acquisition of a number of leading tier one customers.  We believe the combination of his experience, the quality of the product and these initial customers, will be the perfect combination.

ProFinda is an innovative London headquartered SaaS company.  They use artificial intelligence and machine learning to build an accurate knowledge base of the skills and experiences of employees, contractors and alumni for major enterprises.  This is combined with matching algorithms that enables organisations to connect the right people to the right projects with exceptional efficiencies from both the time and financial perspective.

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Assignment conducted by:

  • Sebastian Kayll

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