CEO   |   UK/EU   |   1st May 2019

Ozgur Tohumcu joins Oxbotica as CEO

Oxbotica is one of the world's leading developers of software to power the revolution in autonomous vehicles.

Formed in 2014 by Professor Paul Newman and Professor Ingmar Posner of the University of Oxford.  Professor Paul Newman is the currently the Faculty Head of Information Engineering at the University of Oxford.  His work on autonomous vehicle technology has led him to author over 200 papers and garner over 15,000 citations.  In 2013 his first iteration of autonomous vehicle (dubbed robotcar) became the first autonomous vehicle permitted on public roads in the UK.

Oxbotica has grown to become a leader in advanced software solutions, enabling true vehicular autonomy on road, in factory, at airports and below the ground.  In late 2018 the Board decided to recruit a go-to-market CEO to further enhance their commercial traction.

Ozgur joins from Tantalum Corporation, a technology innovator in the connected vehicle market, where he held the position of CEO.  Prior to this he spent 11 years with Ericsson, rising to the position of SVP of Digital, IT and Cloud, where he had responsibility for an organisation of 2,500 people across 16 countries.

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