Vice President Engineering   |   US   |   28th January 2022

Michael Lumsden appointed as Vice President Engineering at InformedK12


InformedK12, an easy-to-use workflow automation solution that helps school district administrators manage forms, workflow and approvals, have appointed Michael Lumsden as Vice President Engineering.

Founded in 2012 in San Francisco by Sarah Chou and Qjan Wang, Informed K12 is building a workflow platform that is a transformational upgrade for school districts, providing an opportunity for districts to escape the burden of day-to-day paperwork and focus on supporting their staff and serving their students and families.

Most school districts have hundreds of mission-critical processes that run on paper, making visibility and improvement near impossible. Informed K12’s platform transforms paperwork from a daily stumbling block to a strategic tool, powering the future of school district operations by helping district administrators drive the systemic change needed to improve productivity, accountability and equity.

Michael Lumsden has joined Informed K12 as Vice President of Engineering to nurture a culture of engineering excellence and collaboration and provide strategic technical direction for the engineering team. Prior to joining Informed K12, Michael worked as an Engineering Manager at Iterable, before being promoted to Head of Reliability and Infrastructure. In this role, he oversaw the SRE and infrastructure organisation, spearheading the cross-functional working groups for anti-abuse features, collaborating directly with the heads of Legal, Customer Success, Engineering, and the CEO. He will be taking this experience into Informed K12 to mentor and develop a high performing diverse team and promote nuanced thinking for growing engineering talent and teams.

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