Vice President of Marketing   |   US   |   5th June 2019

John McNulty appointed as VP Marketing at Accelo

Accelo is a developer of a business service management software intended to offer a better way to run a professional services business.

The company’s business service management software provides a platform which includes customer relationship management, project management, time billing, client support, invoicing and other services, enabling enterprises to streamline operations.

About John McNulty

John McNulty is a hands-on, resilient, marketing veteran with 20+ years of experience. He is a team builder, mentor, as well as agency and in-house tenure. His ventures over the years include fortune 500 and startups, brand building and direct response expertise, data driven decision making, B2B, B2C, SaaS, IOT, IOE, enterprise, midmarket, and SMB. John works on traditional and online initiatives and believes integrated marketing is the ideal combination. He has worked on all kinds of products and services from high tech to low tech.

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Assignments conducted by:

  • Matt C’de Baca
  • Nick Michaels

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