VP Engineering   |   UK/EU   |   30th January 2019

Joe Pettersson appointed VP Engineering at Permutive

In January 2019 Joe joined Edge Processing DMP Permutive as VP Engineering.

He joined from Quantum Black, the McKinsey owned machine learning and AI business. He moved across to QB from his Associate Partner role at McKinsey.  Prior to McKinsey Joe was an Engineering Director at Microsoft, Engineering Lead at Skype and cut his teeth in engineering at Mozilla.

Permutive is a next generation data platform for edge processing. The first application of their platform has been within the world of publishing, where they’ve built the world’s first real-time data management platform.  Permutive are backed by some of the best investors and entrepreneurs in the world, including Y Combinator, EQT Ventures and Octopus Ventures, whose previous investments include Airbnb, Dropbox, SwiftKey and Zoopla.

For further information visit www.permutive.com

Assignments conducted by:

  • Graeme Bilsland
  • Hannah Hill

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