CTO   |   UK/EU   |   12th February 2019

James Kellerman appointed as CTO at Forward

James Kellerman has been appointed CTO at Forward, joining the business at a key time as it extends its reach into the UK healthcare sector.

James is tasked with aligning the technology roadmap to the business strategy, working with a focused leadership team to turn Forward into the “Slack for healthcare”.  James was previously VP Engineering at Healthtech company Touch Surgery having worked for a range of disruptive early stage businesses in the US.

Forward is backed by some of the investment team behind Zoopla, Pillpack and Deliveroo. Forward empowers healthcare professionals to communicate and collaborate effectively, resulting in frontline staff spending more time with patients and ultimately driving greater work satisfaction.

For further information see www.forwardhealth.co

Assignments conducted by:

  • Graeme Bilsland
  • Hannah Hill

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