VP Digital Technology   |   UK/EU   |   31st May 2019

Carlos Morgado appointed VP Digital Technology at Lilium

Carlos joined Lilium in May 2019 after seven highly successful years with Just Eat as CTO, the unicorn food ordering and delivery service which successfully IPO’d on the LSE in 2014.

Carlos built the technology function at Just Eat to a peak of 800 engineers.  Carlos holds a Ph.D in High Energy Particle Physics from the University of Bristol.

Lilium enables you to travel 5 times faster than a car by introducing the world’s first all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) jet. You won’t have to own one, you will simply pay per ride and call it with a push of a button. Its mission is to make air taxis available to everyone and as affordable as riding a car, while preserving the environment and working towards a sustainable future.  Able to fly distances of up to 300km at a speed of 300km/h and operated without the need for runways or airports, it is the technology that will change travel forever.  Lilium’s quiet aircraft enables access to city centres via the air. A large network of small landing pads and central places in cities will allow passengers to fly quickly to and from many locations.

The business is backed by leading global investors Atomico and Tencent, and has a stellar Board.

For further information visit: www.lilium.com

Assignments conducted by:

  • Graeme Bilsland
  • Hannah Hill

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