VP Northern Europe   |   UK/EU   |   1st August 2019

Alsid appoints Nash Kapoor as VP Northern Europe

Alsid is a Paris based cyber security company that was started by Emmanuel Gras and Luc Delsalle.

Emmanuel and Luc had spent a number of years working for ANSSI, the French national authority for cyber defence and network security. During this time Emmanuel and Luc focussed on clearing up major cyber breaches and it became apparent to them that regardless of the breach, the company’s Active Directory was always affected.  In 2016 the company was formed as the first provider of full stack actively directory protection.  They quickly gained traction and raised Series A funding of €13M in April 2019 with a syndicate led by Idinvest Partners.

Having gained exceptional traction in their domestic market, Alsid took the decision to bring in a commercial leader to develop the rest of the EMEA market.  Nash Kapoor joins from RedSeal, a provider of enterprise network modelling and risk scoring, to improve resilience to cyber events.  Here he held the position of VP EMEA. Earlier in his career he held positions at Veronis and Symantec.

Commenting on the appointment, Emmanuel Gras stated “We had an urgent need to hire a strategic leadership position at Alsid. Renaissance did an excellent job of sourcing, reviewing and engaging with candidates, perfectly matching our needs. The whole process was excellent and I will definitely work again with Renaissance again.

For more information visit www.alsid.com

Assignments conducted by:

  • Sebastian Kayll
  • Jo Clasper

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