CTO   |   UK/EU   |   12th April 2019

Alex Bailes joins Brockton Everlast as CTO

Alex Bailes has been appointed as the first CTO for the newly created Brockton Everlast business. He will be tasked with building a technology platform that will support the continued growth and success of the new business.

Previously he led digital transformation at CBRE for two years and has played an advisory role on several Proptech start-ups as well as working with largescale property businesses including Countrywide.

Brockton Everlast is a real estate investment company formed in 2018, focusing on the purchase, improvement, construction, management, and maintenance of commercial rental properties in the UK. Since its inception, it has acquired four office buildings in central locations in London with a total investment of £415 million.

For further information visit www.brocktoneverlast.com

Assignments conducted by:

  • Graeme Bilsland
  • Hannah Hill

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