I had a collegiate athletic scholarship rescinded right before high school graduation. The school I was meant to continue my golfing career at had serious funding issues, and they could no longer support a team. This helped me deal with change and taught me that nothing is a sure thing until it actually takes place. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, I got to be part of a different school and their journey to NCAA eligibility. This is where I learned to realize positives during difficult times.

I worked at three companies in the Bay Area before joining Renaissance Leadership, all different. The most I’ve ever grown was at a struggling startup a few years back, it taught me to build relationships and turn co-workers into real friends. We turned a rough stretch into a mission, and we all grew together.

I took a chance by joining a startup that had set records in terms of growth. It was here I met some of my best friends and really learned how brutal and competitive the Valley really is. This is where my passion for recruiting started, it takes a unique blend of the right people to make a start-up grow and make a business successful.