It started in a small town in Central Wisconsin, no stop lights, located on the shortest federal highway in the US, with one road in, and one road out. I chose the road out and went with the gift and knowledge that my parents put 4 children through college, which was their dream, so we could find ours.

Educated at a small liberal arts university in Wisconsin with students from all over the world, it became clear that each of us brings a perspective and a desire to change the world for the better. That perspective was only furthered during my time at Thunderbird University and my focus on international business. My ethos is grounded in economics, communications, art history and international business with the hope of helping people find their passion, and of leaving this a better place than when I arrived.

The love of technology – I learned early through my time at United Airlines, ROLM, IBM, Octel & Lucent with several IPO’s, and many more acquisitions that technology would only continue to accelerate, and that it was no longer about the technology, but about the people.

My quest for building great teams during my operating years, and since 1999 as a Partner in the Search industry has been about the People and helping entrepreneurs and investors build high-performance teams, that solve some very difficult problems and accelerate their growth.

A perspective learned during my time at Octel, helping the company grow from $3m to $1.7b has been a valuable experience as we help our clients prepare for growth and change. A new role every 18-20 months helped me to become more adaptable and I’ve always been a competitor regardless if it was sports, forensics, quality improvement, performance improvements, or helping others. Remaining competitive and adapting in an ever-changing world is just part of my fabric.

My focus – Mobility, Security, and Cloud software and hardware are a big focus of mine. Security of our data due to the ability to hack our systems more easily is a big issue. I focus on helping those investors and executive teams build and grow their management teams at a VP level and above.

My Career Highlights

· Advisory Board of StreamRoll, sold to Cox Communications

· Partner at Heidrick & Struggles

· Co-founder, Senior Partner – Renoir Partners – USA

· Co-founder, Senior Partner – Cleantech Group – Search, and LGES