I love working at Renaissance Leadership. We are big believers of “self-belief”. We continuously develop ourselves in our careers and personal lives. There is always room for growth and pushing ourselves to get things done. When you believe in yourself and others; your mind will find ways to solve the problem. Believing is the way to success.

I have an endless journey. I was born in Tehran, Iran. My parents decided to immigrate to Toronto, Canada in 1999. I grew up in Toronto and after completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management, I moved to San Francisco to pursue my dreams in the tech industry. After completion of my Master’s program in International Marketing I found my career path in Executive Recruiting. Now I am taking single steps to my BIG dream. I have an endless journey.

I love to run. It is a stress booster and clears my mind. A good run in the morning helps you set your intentions for the day. Running proves to me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible. We are capable of anything with the right mindset.

I am learning every day and that’s exactly why I enjoy what I do. I meet and speak with tons of successful entrepreneurs. They all have a story. A unique one. I like to help people discover their next dream job.