Great leaders make great companies – that is my belief. The fundamentals of any prodigious business inexorably root back to a transparent vision, excellent leadership and the cultivation of a seamless culture.

Culture quite candidly is everything – and the most scalable system in place. More often than not, cultural prominence is overlooked or discounted. You can hire for any facet of a business, but culture and vision are fundamental. Here at Renaissance, we do more than place pronounced leaders, through Executive Coaching/Advisory we ensure that Executives implement a clear vision and robust culture.

The business domain in the Valley has always had me captivated. The common ground connecting Business and Psychology is where I discovered my calling. I studied Business Psychology – an applied science that investigates how to make people and organizations more effective. Working at Renaissance has provided me an immeasurable platform to execute and deliver the accumulated knowledge and wealth of information I have had acquired.

I am grateful to have been raised by exceptionally supportive parents who have exercised patience and grace throughout my journey known as life. My mother is a Physician, and my father a retired Engineer with a profound love for all things Business. Each have provided me the voice and morale to blaze my own path consolidating their passions to contribute and innovate.

My younger (and only) brother has been my rock and nemesis, dating back from when he learned to walk.  Growing up everything and anything quickly materialized into a competition. Today, I thank him for the strength and resilience I have assimilated through the years, making me an eternal contender in life.