I support our Silicon Valley office’s operations and marketing.
Grew up in a big family of entrepreneurs that taught me the value of hard work – you only get out as much as you put in. I learned the value of replicating yourself, delegating, and letting go of things that you can’t control.
Live by the golden rule, even if it is not reciprocated.
I love trying to understand different culture’s idiosyncrasies. I grew up in Mexico, studied abroad twice, and lived as an expat; my favorite part will always be talking to the locals, try to learn at least a few words of their language. I’m hungry for more
A calculus professor once taught me that step one to solve any mathematical problem was to panic! I have kept his advice. Get over the shock and move on.
My mother has always known how to push me. Growing up I used to be forced to go to very diverse social events and talk to people. I hated it. My mother knew I was shy. Thanks to those opportunities, I learned to adapt and approach people very different from me. It is one of my life’s pleasures.
My educational background is in Finance (BA and MBA) and I apply my analytical skills to most of what I do, even without noticing.