Leadership consulting

What we can do for you

Executive performance lies at the heart of our Leadership Consulting practice and we work with clients to understand not only what drives this but how to fully exploit the potential within new and existing teams.

Our Leadership Consulting practice operates across all practice areas and functions and provides our clients with the data and science to:

  1. Describe and explain their executive performance and
  2. Understand how to exploit it.

We design and deliver bespoke leadership assessment, development and coaching programmes that achieve measurable outcomes that enable our clients to outperform in their markets.

The services fall into three key areas:

Executive Assessment
– Online psychometrics, behavioural profiling, pre-hire selection, pre/post investment team audit

Leadership Development – Leadership branding (establishing consistent leadership behaviours and culture), engagement coaching, storytelling, personal coaching & mentoring

Team optimisation – Succession planning, performance management, career transitioning, facilitated team development, market benchmarking.

Clients range from Venture Capital and Private Equity firms seeking to accelerate growth and exits, through to multi-national, SE listed organisations consolidating leadership teams for transformation and change.

Case Study 1

Recently we were appointed by a client is a leading IT services organisation with $MB turnover and over 30,000 employees in Europe. The client deployed small teams of highly experienced commercial and contracts executives and finance specialists to work in conjunction with Strategic Account Leaders to rectify significant commercial issues in client accounts. At the time, the teams were tasked with stemming the flow of over $70M a year in lost revenue and penalties.

Early feedback from the incumbent account teams highlighted serious conflicts with the incoming SWAT teams and pointed to underlying communication issues between the client account team and the SWAT leads.

Our consultants worked with the client to identify the ideal profile for SWAT team leads to head up account intervention and identified critical behavioural characteristics in a number of the most successful team members.

This information was used to create a reliable WGLL profile against which all future SWAT team leads were selected, highlighting the need for high level influencing, strategic thinking and facilitation behaviours.

This intervention proved highly successful in the selection of future team leads and resulted in over $90M worth of revenue coming back onto the bottom line in the following 12 month period.

Case Study 2

Our client is a global venture capital firm with investments in multiple start-up and mid-market digital businesses. Having recently invested $25M in a SaaS based e-commerce player they had high expectations of the leadership team and an aggressive growth pan to achieve. With a CFO on the board, they had good insight into the commercial performance of the business and good control of the company purse strings, but they were struggling to understand the levers to drive change in the customer engagement, IT and delivery functions.

We were asked to do a “deep dive” on the leadership team and provide detailed insight into their strengths, development needs and motivational drivers.

We initially brought the team together to ensure that they understood the aims and objectives of the project. We introduced a facilitator with experience in the sector to align the team around specific goals, objectives and personal ownership. We then conducted a series short online assessments, looking at values, motivations and strategic thinking and conducted individual 1 to 1 sessions with each of the executives to play back the findings.

We identified gaps within the team around personal ownership, authority and planning, so we introduced a number of personal coaches and mentors who worked on individual requirements over the course of 6 months.

It became necessary, as the company grew, to supplement the executive team with external leadership talent, to focus on growth and innovation.