Design Thinking

High Performance Search

Ben and Tony developed the vision for Renaissance because their backgrounds provided a unique foundation to build a global executive search firm for the world’s leading technology zones – Silicon Valley and London.

High Performance Search is a mindset- and a way of action that uses a recruiting method inspired by the conversations Ben had with Tom Kelley – Founder of design consultancy Ideo and the exposure he had to the dSchool at Stanford University which was founded by David Kelley. Ben and Tom shared the vision of “Design Thinking” [link to “Design Thinking”] and how it applies to today’s emerging and most innovative businesses.

Executive recruiters: One of the first people we know to use design thinking in the world of executive recruiting is Ben Anderson of Renaissance Leadership Ltd.Tom Kelley & David Kelley "Creative Confidence iBooks”

Because of Ben’s access to IDEO and Tom Kelley, we were able to create a process that leverages design thinking method into the executive search process. The result is a High Performance Search method that improves our clients capacity to identify, attract, recruit and retain the best talent in a globally competitive market.

The result of our work is a Renaissance High Performance Search Methodology which Ben outlines in the video below. Additionally, it should be mentioned that Renaissance Leadership are given credit by Tom Kelley in his book “Creative Confidence” as being the first in the world of Executive Search to incorporate Design Thinking into the recruiting Process.

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